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Next generation Road Infrastructure & Mobility

In the framework of their collaboration, UNIBO and Uni. Eiffel agree to create an “International Associated Laboratory” (IAL) called NextRIM (Next generation Road Infrastructure & Mobility) in January 2021. Codirected by Hocine IMINE (Uni. Eiffel) and Andrea Simone (UNIBO), NextRIM consists of the association of several research & education groups that poll together human and material resources towards a common, jointly defined program designed to add value to their individual pursuits. The groups involved in the IAL remain independent and keep their original status, their governance and their separate locations. The purpose of NextRIM is to develop collaborative research and education between UNIBO and  Uni. Eiffel. Several departments such as DICAM, DIN, DISI and PSI at UNIBO, and COSYS, TS2 and ESIEE at Uni. Eiffel, already take part in the joint endeavour, the ambition being to embark other departments in the future.

As part of IAL, large-scale activities will be conducted to investigate the relationship between human performance and the automation of different modes of transportation. This can only be achieved through interdisciplinarity featured by NextRIM. The objectives are two-fold: research and education.

For research:

  • train a team of transnational experts on complementary research topics
  • create synergies for the presentation of large-scale European projects
  • help sharing laboratory equipment and facilities
  • provide a tool for shared research that can lead to synergistic reports and publications
  • Organize conferences.

As for education:

  • optimize the resources for obtaining PhD funds with co-tutored PhDs who have the opportunity to work in both structures;
  • exchange of professor/researcher for university courses in order to have experts from different sectors available;
  • possibility of creating summer schools or projects for young scientists;
  • develop Master’s degrees, beyond the ongoing one dedicated to sustainable mobility in urban area.

Training: C@MI (Course@ lia nextrim for Mobility and Infrastructure)

Training: C@MI (Course@ lia nextrim for Mobility and Infrastructure)

Sustainable mobility: International meeting of NextRIM laboratory in Bologna

Seminar in Bologna 2023

From 26 to 27 October 2023

Seminar in Bologna

Seminar in Marne

From 28 to 29 November 2022

Seminar in Marne

Vehicles Special issue on Recent Developments in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

Seminar in Bologna 2022

From 14 to 15 March 2022

Seminar in Bologna

Official launch of Associated International Laboratory NextRIM between Gustave Eiffel University and University of Bologna

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